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 Kira (done)

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PostSubject: Kira (done)   Kira (done) Icon_minitimeSat Sep 08, 2012 1:08 pm

*Courage is not the absence of fear, but the knowledge that there is something more important then fear*
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Basic Info:
Name: Kira
Race: Kitsune (Full fox demon)
Age: (270) 19
Job: Assassin

Looks: Kiraisn't like other demons of her kind. For one she's a bit on the short side and her body isn't very appealing to the male (and occasionally female) eyes. Istead she has more stauky build with wide shoulders and hips, her body appears to be made for combat. Her sun yellow hair when hanging loosly, reached to just about the end of her tail bone. It is normally kept in a tight braid down her back. Her skin is pale, and off set by two light green eyes. She normally is found wearing her battling kimono or something simple to walk around in, she isn't much for her looks.
Personality: Kira is highly complex, as most women are. Though she isn't like any other women.
* Loud: Kira tends to express herself in a loud, awkward manner. She isn't ashamed of anything it seems and will speak her mind. Tell it like it is, life isn't sugar coated so why should what you say be?
* Stubborn: Kira is nothing if not sutbborn. She will not except any help from anyone, and if you do help her she will deny having had any help. Though she may thank you in secret, knowing that she needed the help but was too stubborn to ask.
* Ruthless: In battle Kira will not stop until her adversary is dead and gone. She will go to great lengths to make sure this happens and if she dies then you're dying with her. Oviously not phased by blood and guts, she will sometimes go overboard while killing something and that tends to scare some of her friends.
* Secret soft side: Through the rough and tumble of her apperance, Kira does have a soft spot she saves for only the most special of people. This soft spot included children, be they demon, half demon, or human she would never harm an innocent child.
* Honorable: Honor is of great importance to this young Kitsune. She will not kill you: without a fight, if you have no weapon in your hand, if you have shown her any reason to respect and/or like you, or if she veiws you as innocent. The guild has trained her well, teaching her that honor is what seperates warriors from animals.
* Joker: Of course as a fox demon, Kira loves a good joke. Though she can get carried away easily here as well, so watch out!
History: Kira was born to the far south in the mountains, her family was wealthy, but not exactly royalty. Being the first born, her father began to wonder what he would do without a son. Well, he may as well have gotten one. Kira took an early interest in the art of combat, and much to the chagrin of her mother, Kira and her father began her training. Over the years Kira showed much promise in the feild of battle, on occasion her father would even take her on hunting trips in the forests far below their mountain home. Being an only child, Kira always felt lonely, and fifty years ago she began to feel the true meaning of being alone.
A half demon named Naraku stormed into her father's territory, demanding information on the Shikon No Tama or Sacred Jewel of Four Souls. When her father refused to tell him anything, Naraku murdered him then Kira's mother. Kira had managed to get away, only to survive by the skin of her teeth. So young still, yet now she was on her own. That same year, Kira came across a group of demon men in the middle of a horrible battle, she quickly stepped in and aided them. the men brought her back to a strange castle nestled in the far off mountains, and this is where she was inducted into the guild of assassins. Now Kira roams the land, living freely under the guilds watchful eyes, imployed and busy as she can be. But as she goes about slaughtering the condemned, she is also hunting, for the scum Baraku so she may take vengece on his damned soul.

Special Tallent:
Name of It:
What It Does:

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Kira (done)
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