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 The rules of our land

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PostSubject: The rules of our land   Sat Sep 08, 2012 12:11 am

Hello, and welcome to Yokai Unleashed, please take the time to read over our rules. Please abide by them and if you see anyone breaking the rules let either I or Rin know please.
1. Be respectful: This includes your fellow members and us staff. We do not have all day long to sit around and wait on your every desire, we have lives to live. Whatever needs to be done, we will get to as soon as we possibly can. If it has been over a week then you may pester us with ONE pm asking nicely to check something over.
2. No flaming/spamming/trolling in the CB: This is rude and disrespectful please do not do so. If you and another member have problems with one another then take it into PMs where no one can see it please.
3. No godmodding or metagaming: I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH! It is not fair to anyone and it just makes our jobs as the staff harder. We do not want to be the bad guys but if we have to we will.
4. Canons: Canon characters will be allowed on this site, a list shall be posted of the ones avaliable. Canons DO NOT have to make an application, simply send myself or Rin a pm entitled 'RP sample' and we will evaluate how well you are suited for the canon. If you do choose a canon, please, STAY IN CHARACTER! Rin isn't about to run off and kill something, that's what Sesshomaru is there for...and sometimes Jaken but you get my point.
5. This site is rated R, in feudal times things such as rape, murder, and the like did happen! So our younger veiwers be warned now. And if anyone is afraid that anyone will be offended by your post, please place it in a spoiler and post WARNING MATURE CONTENT! Or post (R rated) in the topic title.
6. Do not give out your personal info: For security reasons obviously
7. No one is ommnicient: Do not post OOC information in IC topics, that counts as godmodding and you will be punished
8. Treat everyone with respect: Treat others how you wish to be treated, it says to repsect people, it doesn't mean you have to like them but do not go calling them names in the CB, PMs, or what have you.
9. Make your character before you rp: Do not rp without making a character and having it approved by me or Rin.
10. Have fun!!!

RP rules!
these are some simple rules for RPing here, follow them and things will be perfectly fine
1. Keep your spelling accurate
2. Keep your grammar accurate
3. Try to avoid the dreaded one liners, detail is a good thing
4. If RPing with more then one person try to set a posting order IE: Member 1, member 2, member 3. This is so things don't get complicated and people loose their chance to post.
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The rules of our land
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